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Kaija Marx

Kaija Marx

I am Kaija from www.kaijamarx.com, live in Munich and am a yoga teacher and physiotherapist with passion.

About Kaija

My life has revolved a lot around sports and exercise since an early age. Inspired by 11 years of ballet school, my interest in the musculoskeletal system grew, and so I became a physical therapist. Today, I have many years of experience as a sports physiotherapist with patients, including professional athletes with a wide variety of ailments.

Through my many years of practice, I became more and more aware that physical health and mental balance cannot be taken for granted, and so I found something that combines both: YOGA.

To explore this even deeper, I became a yoga teacher and then traveled to India to explore the roots of yoga in its country of origin. After two more trainings and many teachers and influences for which I am very grateful, I regularly teach open classes, personal yoga, at yoga festivals, teach yoga anatomy and train aspiring yoga teachers – all of which I consider a great gift!

My great passion is to create yoga personal trainings in the Solln, Pullach and Grünwald area, where I live with my little family.

My style combines various influences such as Vinyasa Yoga and Prana Flow, but I have been most deeply influenced by the teaching of Embodied Flow™, for which I am one of a few worldwide certified teachers since 2020. In flowing sequences, somatic and energetic levels of the body meet and fill all cells with life and vitality-we then feel this as calmness, centering, and inner balance.

For me, practicing yoga means having a rendezvous with myself. A meeting with myself, an intimate moment in silence. The breath flows like a mountain river, fresh and clear, into all cells and fills them with energy. I become permeable and wide. Somehow free.

Follow your soul. It knows the way.

Welcome to the Now with Kaija Marx

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