On this page you will find frequently asked questions & the answers to them about our trainings:

What are the requirements?2022-06-04T14:43:06+02:00

Only one: The attitude of being on fire for the training. For our 230h training it is not necessary and important to have a lot of practical experience. We welcome everyone who has the intention to get to know themselves better through yoga. Thus, individual support with different options & possibilities. If someone wants to learn handstand, we are happy to teach it. And if someone else can’t do it, it means that this someone can’t do it. No more, no less =)
Give this training a certain important priority during the training period. That is the only thing we ask.

Is this training “only” designed to become a teacher?2022-06-04T14:41:59+02:00

No. It is the exploration and reflection of one’s self through yoga. We think it would make sense for everyone on this planet to take a yoga teacher training at least once to get to know themselves better instead of running away from themselves. Teaching can reinforce this process of self-reflection and therefore methodology and didactics are a meaningful part of this training.
50% of the participants do this training for themselves without the intention of teaching.

What do I do if I have days absent?2022-06-04T14:41:10+02:00

Everybody is sick or prevented from working sometimes, e.g. because the children are sick. The missing days or weekends can be made up in the next block or in the parallel running trainings (Hamburg, St.Gallen, Munich). No further costs will be charged for this.

How big will the group be?2022-06-04T14:40:19+02:00

Our training groups are max. 26 participants large. So we, the instructors, have the possibility to give a better individual care.

Is there an exam at the end of the training?2022-06-04T14:39:41+02:00

Yes, a written exam with 15-20 questions written out (90 minutes long) and a practice exam.

The practice exam will be as follows:
A group of 3 to 4 participants will teach a yoga session together. Each participant takes 15-20 minutes of this unit. It is more about the implementation of various techniques and that certain information is conveyed in an understandable way.
In addition, each participant must prove 20 hours of observation until the end of the training.

Is it allowed to practice yoga during the training period at Now?2022-06-04T14:38:49+02:00

Yes! During the training period all participants are allowed to practice as much yoga as they like =)

What happens if you have to stop training for important private reasons?2022-06-04T14:38:01+02:00

One suddenly becomes ill or an unexpected pregnancy – we have experienced all this in our trainings. If you have to stop the training (whatever the reason), you can simply start again in the next block or years later (if the max. number of 26 participants has not been reached).

Do you have the possibility to pay in installments?2022-06-04T14:37:10+02:00

Yes, we offer installment payment options for each training. More detailed figures can be found in the respective terms and conditions.

Is it possible to apply for educational leave for your trainings?2022-06-04T14:35:08+02:00

Yes, it can be done.

In addition, we cordially invite anyone who would like to know even more about our trainings to attend one of our free info workshops!


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