“Welcome to the NOW”

“The world has changed a lot in the last months and so for this new time we offer face-to-face training + simultaneous online training (if needed). We would use ZOOM as a digital communication medium for the online option and the weekends will be recorded so that one has the possibility to “attend” the modules also time-shifted. We strongly recommend using the face-to-face event to experience the live energy if possible.”

How can you describe our style of yoga?

Everyone is on the journey to themselves with themselves through the self. We provide a good “navigation” to allow a pleasant and enriching journey.

Dates for 2023

24.03.2023 – 10.12.2023 »

Price: 3.550,00 USD


Location of this yoga teacher training:
YOGO Yogastudio (Inhaberin Helga Schörgendorfer), Oberer Stadtplatz 7, 4710 Grieskirchen

Here follow the main points of this “navigation”:

The Now Yoga concept has no set style. We teach to deal with “yoga tools”. What and how to build with these “yoga tools” is up to each individual
In den 200h kommen die Tradition, die Entwicklung des Yoga und das Yoga heute ausgewogen und harmonisch zusammen
The wisdom and experience from ancient scriptures and teachings come together with the latest sports science knowledge about the body
We encourage the participants to stand by themselves more and to go their own way by means of the philosophy of yoga.
And a lot of accepting & letting go =)

5 pillars for a stable foundation

Frank Bartl

1. Alignment

Modern sports science knowledge is used in the asanas to facilitate a healthy physical practice. The anatomy is taught in a tangible and easy to understand way, without you getting lost in the Latin terms.

In addition, the influences of the fascia (connective tissue) in the postures are explained and thus the connections of the individual muscle groups are clearly shown.

50% theory : 50% practice

2. Vinyasa

The art of harmoniously combining the breath with the movements is intensively worked on here in a practice-oriented manner. For the first security, fixed NowYoga Vinyasa sequences are taught first. Only as a second step, the methodology of the Vinyasa sequence structure is explained. In addition, fixed NowYoga lesson formats will be developed in order to gain more confidence, such as beginner’s lesson, yoga for the back or yoga for the belly, etc.

50% theory : 50% practice

Jang-Ho Kim
Jang-Ho Kim

3. Adjustment

The tactile stimulus is an excellent tool to support the participant in his practice. But: Where do I grab? How do I stand? Where should touch be avoided? All these questions will be clarified and the techniques will be explained in all facets and most importantly practiced. Adjustment is a great art and is a double-edged sword. These techniques must sit securely to support the participant. Therefore, this phase is the most physically intensive time. True to the motto: “Practice, practice, practice and keep it in mind.”

30% theory : 70% practice

4. Philosophy

Yogasutra, Bagavad Gita, and many other philosophical books of yoga were written long ago. Our task is to explain this knowledge based on experience in a way that is suitable for everyday life. How does a cobra help me in my job? How does Ujjayi breathing help me in everyday life? Such simple and yet important questions will be discussed in open rounds and above all presented in a “usable” way for normal life. In addition to the yogic texts, the following authors and philosophies will be a further focus: Osho, ZEN philosophy, Eckhart Tolle and many more well-known quotes.

Theory is taught across the pillars


5. Teaching

A lot of knowledge is worth nothing if you don’t know how to apply it. This is exactly the focus here. The above points (alignment, vinyasa, adjustment, philosophy) will be considered as tools and we will teach you how to best use these tools. Body language will be analyzed, tone of voice will be optimized and content will be elaborated. Teaching yourself is a very good way to experience a reflection of yourself. You learn to deal with criticism and create something wonderful out of it. Whether you will teach after the training or not, this phase will bring you very close to yourself.

50% theory : 50% practice

Special Add On:

Belt, block and general props work in Katonah Yoga style. Katonah yoga is an intensive way of practicing yoga with auxiliary materials (like belts and blocks).

Group Size/Group Support:

Our training is always accompanied by 1-3 assistant teachers for more individual attention.
The maximum number of participants for a Now Yoga Teacher Training is 26. Our experience has shown that a limited group size (max. 26) allows the training to be more individualized.

Dates 2023

200 hrs. in 10 blocks

  • 1. WE 24.03. – 26.03.2023
  • 2. WE 28.04. – 30.04.2023
  • 3. WE 19.05. – 21.05.2023
  • 4. WE 16.06. – 18.06.2023
  • 5. WE 14.07. – 16.07.2023
  • 6. WE 08.09. – 10.09.2023
  • 7. WE 29.09. – 01.10.2023
  • 8. WE 20.10. – 22.10.2023
  • 9. WE 17.11. – 19.11.2023
  • 10. WE 08.12. – 10.12.2023
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YOGO Yogastudio
(Owner: Helga Schörgendorfer)
Oberer Stadtplatz 7
4710 Grieskirchen


Fridays: 12h – 19h
Sa & Su: 10h – 17h



“Our online yoga teacher training is 200h.”

At the end of the training you will definitely have learned more knowledge about yoga and more about yourself. Yoga helps to find your own self. Enjoy your journey! On the mentioned training days the participation in our courses is of course free of charge.

“Now Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training meets the guidelines of the American YOGA ALLIANCE. All teachers who train with us can use it to become recognized by the Yoga Alliance as a certified yoga teacher (R.Y.T.).” – This training offer belongs to Now Yoga academy.

Jang-Ho is the main instructor and leader for this training/education and therefore the main host for this training/education throughout the entire time.

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