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Heidi Jelic

Heidi Jelic

About 20 years ago I went to a physiotherapy school due to a phase in my life that was strongly characterized by searching, restructuring and further development. So the training as a physiotherapist is my basis. At about the same time I came into contact with yoga. Both together could satisfy my first thirst in the areas of movement, medicine, health and above all self-awareness. Quite soon I needed more of all that. More depth, more knowledge, more self-awareness and much more practice. In the following years a very intensive time of further learning and practicing started. I made the big Heilpraktiker and with it afterwards on different schools in the areas of solution-focused psychotraumatology, process-oriented body psychotherapy and nutritional psychology further and trained.

In combination with the knowledge of physiotherapy, osteopathic treatment techniques and fascia therapy, a completely new spectrum of treatment options and teaching methods then opened up for me and thus also for my patients and students. Since 2009, I have been very happy to travel to India, annually if possible, and take classes there. So my teaching is in a constant process of development and a mirror of my self-experience and the change of life.

I follow a holistic-integrative approach and stand for depth, openness and accuracy.

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